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Welcome to the Chemical Resistance Guide

With just a few clicks to the appropriate sealing material

You know the question: "How can I find out if the sealing materials I am planning to use are compatible with the process media? And this as fast as possible?" Here's the solution: The Chemical Resistance Guide from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies provides a first clue about the interplay of process medium and sealing material in the process industry. Tested for years and proven in internal use.

It's that easy: First, select the process media that are being used in your application. Then, in the second step, choose the sealing materials that are relevant to you. As a result, you will receive a statement regarding the suitability of the materials in contact with the process media. *

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* The information above is based on decades of research into the development and manufacture of sealing products. The chemical resistance, however, is only a part of the overall operating conditions and there is a possibility that the chemical resistance will be significantly reduced because of unknown factors in the practical application of seals. Thus the information represents only general and non-binding guide values. We recommend to discuss specific applications with our advisory service.

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