Two Paths to the Goal

The Freudenberg CIP/SIP guide eliminates the need for extended research. With just a few clicks, you receive the first assessments of the compatibility of sealing materials and cleaning agents. Since everyone has different requirements, you can choose between two tools:

Tool 1: Find the Right Cleaning Agent

Cleaning Agent

Are you already using seals whose materials you know? Then use this tool to find the right cleaning media.

Tool 2: Find the Right Sealing Material


Are you already using a particular cleaning agent? Then use this tool to find the right sealing materials.

Further Information for you

Sealing Know-How at a Glance

The Freudenberg Sealing Technologies sealing handbook provides an overview of the challenges in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Here you will find all the sealing materials applicable to your needs, including their typical applications, approvals and characteristics.

O-Ring Configurator

The results of the calculation are evaluated with a  color scheme. The target values are shown directly and need not be found in tables - potential catalog rings, including their availability, are proposed as options.

Sealing Solutions

Sealing Solutions for the Chemical Industry

The industry brochure from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies shows you the benefits of Freudenberg sealing solutions developed especially for the chemical process industry. It describes typical applications, suitable materials and the most important seal types.